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Mountain Medicine

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Here are two examples of

Wild-crafted, locally grown,

organic, medicinal herbs (below) :

Offering herbal patent remedies,

Naturopathic Supplementation, with

Essential Multi-vitamins and Minerals for optimum health!

"Beyond the ideas of right and wrong, there is a Field; I will meet you there."


Wooly Mullein

Lung medicine.

Can be smoked or brewed as a tea. Also used in tincture, linament and salve.

Scutellaria/Skullcap herb

Heat clearing medicine.

Used for upper respiratory infection, sore throat and detoxification.

A special thank you to Two Chicks Farm in Mancos, Colorado!

Trust & Responsibility

When we begin to trust our bodies' innate ability to heal, we are liberated from a life of sickness and disease.

Be empowered to take your health into your own hands. It is fun, safe and effective to use natural remedies with an herbalist who is professionally trained to assist you on your journey of wellness!