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There are a lot of technicians practicing Oriental medicine today, and there is one main principal that separates my practice from the rest. 

When we are conscious of harmonious patterns - life is allowed to thrive and creation is allowed to evolve. When there is misalignment - disease and suffering occur.

I am your partner in reclaiming the rightful path of dignity and grace, getting things back on the path of alignment with health and well-being.

Allow yourself to remember that anything is possible, and we will move beyond disease into a pain-free experience of life. Your success is my aspiration.

Personally, I stay healthy by enjoying the simple life. I like to wake up early in the morning and meditate or exercise during the quite hours of each day.

Home-cooked meals make me happy, especially when they are made with local and organic ingredients from people who love to nourish family and friends.

I work hard and believe in the work that I do, whether it’s with patients, on the computer, or doing household tasks that improve a collective quality of life.

In the evening, I often stay up late reflecting with a journal or good book, but truthfully, a good night’s rest is golden when waking up early.

I am sincerely looking forward to working with you and your family!

Tyler VanGemert L.Ac.

Special Thanks

I am especially thankful for the following people who helped to shape my path in life:

To Dr. Jameson at Fort Lewis College; for the imaginative skill to see magic in science. My favorite example is the way plants convert solar energy into chemical energy through photosynthesis – what a miracle for all of us who wish to be sustained by the bounty of mother Earth!

While living in Missoula, Montana and searching my soul for the correct path of my passions, I was invited by a co-worker/friend named Red Bird to participate in an indigenous sweatlodge ceremony on the Blackfoot river. As the only anglo-american in the group, the experience felt like an essential introduction with the elements of life! The support I have gained from that time of connection with wood, fire, earth, metal, and water has helped me to center myself in truth and right-relationship with every living thing.

Dr. Yvonne Farrell and Dr. David Chan from Emperor’s college of Traditional Oriental Medicine have shaped the extraordinary acupuncture that is practiced today at my medical clinic. With teachers of such primordial wisdom and mastery of the healing arts, I feel like I am just now able to scratch the surface of healing that they embody. It is an honor to be a student for the Jade Purity school lineage of excellence in the field of natural medicine.

While in southern California studying the primal roots of eastern medicine, my friend and spiritual brother, Harry Grammar introduced me to the guidance of Mataji in South Central, Los Angeles. His visionary leadership is inspiring to join and celebrate in community with true expressions of the Soul. Mataji’s inner strength and power as a guardian of mother Earth's ways is unparalleled in our country. I feel lucky to have been baptized into the purity and beauty of Yemaya's sacred waters under her care.

David Pomerantz has been integral for the embodiment of Grace here on Earth. The meditative wisdom imparted by his presence is undeniable. The process of seeing unfortunate circumstances as imperative to change has transformed my life. Discomfort and disease have become an exploration of the inner workings of humankind. The vastness of a life divine is timeless and fun. We are lucky to be alive, and have much work to do in order to divinize humanity here on Earth.

Lastly, it has been a privilege to be introduced to the teachings of Dr. Daniel Kalish with Functional Medicine. His skill and excellence provide the perfect model for becoming a superior practitioner that addresses the root cause of disorders instead of treating symptoms.
Oh yeah! ... my heart path to "heal the Earth" resurfaced.  I found a government website with a job posting of "soil scientist." I knew that this was not the ultimate means by which my dream to "heal the Earth" was to unfold.  So I considered graduate school. And, I met people with their hands in the dirt, growing herbs and vegetables, and loving the natural life.  Something deep inside of me remembered our ancient connection of sustained life with the planet.
After returning from Oriental medical school in 2008, I have started three acupuncture projects in Durango, Colorado. They are Durango Community Acupuncture on the river trail, the Durango Acupuncture Alliance treating veterans for free, and Mountain Medicine Acupuncture which is my private family practice located downtown, next to Buckley Park. 

Tyler VanGemert L.Ac.

I had been doing my standing form, qi gong, and tai chi training in my free time.  Lines were intersecting in the mind's eye.  Plants and humans, energy and healing, a pathway began to unfold before me.

Even though I had never even had an acupuncture treatment in my whole life, I was convinced that this was my path. Experiential wisdom has guided me to where I am today, and this is the anchor of my commitment to Superior Health. Every doubt that has ever surfaced in me has fueled a knowing-ness in the core of my being to go forward while honoring the past. This knowing-ness supports my destiny to stand for Truth, Love and Light on this planet.  I am here to draw people back to Nature, back to mother Earth, back to themselves, and ultimately back to Health.

I feel with great conviction that the work we do as practitioners of Oriental Medicine is integral to healing the hearts and minds of humankind.  And in this healing of hearts, the noble One-heart is healed.  This is the way in which destiny allows us to “heal the Earth - together.”

I am a teacher; I come from 2 generations of educators. As the son of a western allopathic doctor in the west, I believe the next step in my family’s evolution is for me to embark on a similar path as my father, but to step forward as a physician of natural medicine. I offer the ability to test and correct imbalances at the core of our body, with remedies that do not include harmful side-effects.

Several years ago, I graduated from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, with a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental biology.  Ecology and botany were my focus back then, and I had no idea that Chinese medicine even existed. Classes like "ecology and morality," and "world religions" helped to shape a minor in philosophy, creating a yin/yang context to my education and ultimately my worldview at the time.  Being only 24 years old, I had a vision to “heal the Earth.”  This is where my heart lies, with the Earth, our mother and nurturer.  

My heart was the leader, and I trusted it all the way to New York where I faced a horrendous realization.  Life is difficult in the city, more difficult than the peaceful tranquility of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, where I was coming from. And if healing the earth started with shifting the consciousness of humankind, I had a big job ahead. Since I was living in New York City and very far from home in Colorado, I needed a reason to be living in the city, besides the cute girl I was following across the country or because “I didn't have anything better to do."

So, I did some research. And, I really did my homework; I found the most solid style of tai chi chuan on the planet. If there is a place to study martial arts, it is New York City. Every country has residents in New York City, it is one of the current "Mecca’s" of our society today. I knew there would be something good. And, I found it! Grandmaster Chu’s Tai Chi Chuan Center of New York in Times Square, Manhattan is a place of calm, amidst chaos. With qi gong, and meditation, I was rockin' and rollin' under the adverse conditions of the Big Apple.  I am grateful for the internal arts! Did I mention that my teacher had acupuncture meridian charts on the wall of the studio…? I had been working for trade with my tai chi teacher for classes at this point, and this new offer was a welcomed prospect to make some money to rise above my debts again. My girlfriend at that time decided she was going to graduate school in Montana for wildlife filmmaking. I had always dreamed of living in Montana, and this was the perfect reason…

A Vision of Health

A long time ago, I had a vision of evolving with planet earth. It started with a belief that if we heal our hearts and minds as humans, then this change would be reflected in the beauty of our physical, vital and spiritual bodies...that we can co-exist in harmony with the changes of mother earth.

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