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For the beginners -

What is Acupuncture?

Our bodies are a complete system, and in natural medicine we take every part of the body into account when treating imbalances.

Associated with each organ is an energy pathway, through which a force of life energy passes; by this process our organs are restored and nourished. This life force energy called “Chi,” runs on current lines throughout the body in pathways called meridians. This is most commonly likened to waterways on the earth’s surface; the way a river flows to the sea. When a waterway is jammed with debris or there is not enough water to create a harmonious flow, we can stimulate these energetic pathways to either reduce or support the flow until blockages are resolved or overcome.

In mechanistic terms, acupuncture uses an open circuitry in the body, like the way electricity moves throughout a city grid. If energy in the body is deficient, that may affect other areas – just as a power outage may have multiple zones of diminished electricity on a city’s energy grid. In this case, we need to restore power and reconnect damaged wiring to brighten things up again. This would be the strategic placement of acupuncture points in zones of the body that need to be “reconnected.”

On the other hand, If there is a damage in one area of the body caused by trauma, this can result in a blockage near nerve centers that create inflammation; then pain will be experienced and we need to turn the power off to allow this area to heal before reconnecting strong circuitry again. In this case, we are grounding the force of unnecessarily fired electrical energy moving through the wiring, so the body can relax and restore itself back to a more normal or healing state.

I would like to clear up some common misconceptions about Oriental Medicine, specifically acupuncture:

  • Acupuncture will hurt.
  1. Nerve cell receptors are at the surface of the skin, there is an initial sensation upon insertion – then the experience of chi happens after that.
  2. we use very fine, single use, stainless steel, disposable needles which are safe and effective at reducing discomfort for a positive therapeutic experience.
  • Natural medicine is not as strong as allopathic medicine.
  1. With respect to herbal medicine, we do need to take more of them to have a stronger affect.
  2. Natural medicine is preventative care while allopathic medicine fixes what is broken. One is not better than the other, they both have legitimate places in our modern use of healthcare.  Generally speaking, Allopathic medicine is more for emergencies,  while natural medicine is for common ailments ·         insomnia, ·         anxiety, ·         fatigue, ·         nausea/vomiting, ·         … ·        
  • All acupuncturists practice the same medicine.
  1. each acupuncturist has their own style, some are gentle, some are not.
  2. We are all trained in unique aspects of Oriental medicine which is a large body of traditional care that is as old as the hills.

Mountain Medicine

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I have a master’s degree in traditional Oriental medicine, am a diplomat of Chinese herbal medicine, and have a license to practice Acupuncture in the state of Colorado.

I am an educator, so if you are afraid and doubt what you do not understand about acupuncture, or you have had a less than positive experience with other practitioners in the past - please contact me to dispel any myths about what you may have heard or currently believe.

What can

Tyler VanGemert LAc and Mountain Medicine add to your life, in addition to the practitioners you already use?

Tyler practices the philosophy of “less is more,” and has been trained in the highest quality of essential medicine with extraordinary mentors. He follows the natural flow of one's life; working synergistically with all practitioners of eastern, western, or alternative healthcare providers.

He will recommend dietary and lifestyle adjustments to help you feel your best! Now is a great time to experience the safety, comfort and reliable medicine that our clinic has to offer.

The simple answer is, I can activate or mobilize deep-seeded stagnation within your body; whether it is physical pain, emotional stuckness, or unclarity of the mind. The result is a liberated sense of freedom in the physical, emotional, a spiritual aspects of your life. What a wonderful feeling this is!

- Tyler VanGemert LAc

Acupuncture Benefits

As a Self Healing Mechanism

Acupuncture is one of the many instruments used in Eastern medicine. It is an ancient technology that works with the body's innate ability to heal itself. We insert small, single-use, disposable, stainless steel needles into master points along the body's natural energy pathways, called meridians. The stimulation creates a theraputic benefit by the action of exchanging messages with the natural intelligence of the body; ultimately affecting subtle adjustments that your body can understand in life-changing ways. And It's all for the benefit of health!