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Symptoms include

You may feel that you will need to do your part to keep this widespread Love moving through the entire population - order your personalizable greeting cards just in time for Saint Valentine's Day this year!

corazonavirus [ kuh-ruh-zoh-nuh-vahy-ruhs ]

A brand new bug has mutated from the alchemical laboratory at Mountain Medicine Clinic in the San Juan mountain range of southwest Colorado. This new virus outbreak is known to enter the heart and gives people who are infected by it infinite Love - love for oneself, for family members and community, even a sincere love for people you thought opposed you and your views. It is super infectious and appears to be unifying humanity all around the world. This is one epidemic worth testing yourself for - positively! You are going to want everyone to catch this so tag the people who need this most ... fear not and pass it on today! 

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noun, plural co·ra·zo·na·vi·rus·es.

  1. an invisible, unfathomable, infectious agent that multiplies Joy in an amount that is exponentially greater than the sum of all whom come into contact with it's force on earth.
  2. the foreseeing care and guidance of nature over all the creatures of the earth.
  3. Informal. a viral movement of Grace.
  4. a agent acting on humanity that dispels fear; natural medicine.
  5. a healing mechanism of Mother earth during times of unhealthy imbalance.

The Love-Bug

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Side Effects include

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