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There are Four Main Aspects of Every Human Being :

Tyler VanGemert LAc Dipl. OM

Licensed Acupuncturist

Diplomat of Oriental Medicine

Tyler is on a mission to make healthy living fun! He uses elements of both eastern and western traditions to facilitate transformative, interactive sessions.

His methods include Functional medicine, herbalism, Qi Gong healing, Tai Chi for health and meditation to name a few.

As founder of Mountain Medicine Acupuncture, Tyler teaches the practice of wellness to empower everyone to realize wellbeing in life.

Wellness is established by fostering healthy relationships with yourself, your family, your community, and the environment. We use the practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern Functional medicine to align these relationships for optimal health. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a complete body of natural therapies based in indigenous wisdom from Asia. Acupuncture and herbal formulas are the main remedies of this system. Functional medicine uses the best of Naturopathic methods to test for and correct imbalances of the hormones, the liver, the brain, and the gut.

Using simple practices of meditation and sacred movement, people are able to achieve a harmonious connection with their physical body. In addition, by returning to a soulful way of life, anyone can realize a state of internal calm for the mind and peace with the emotions.

Most folks that Tyler work with report finding balance in their lives after learning more about themselves. They experience happiness in choosing their own path of wellness. The skills offered here assist in navigating today’s modern society. They are practices based in ancient wisdom that make us better human beings and make the world a great place to live in again.

The Practice of Wellness

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Functional Natural Medicine

There are ways to achive balance with each part of ourselves. When we have harmony at each level, thiving is the result. And when we are thriving, we are truly enjoying life! So ...

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• The Soul / Spiritual Body

• The Mind / Mental Body

• The Emotions/ Emotional Body

• The Physical Body

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